Dear Maria,

I needed to sit down and thank you for your vitality and energy you transmit, your coaching techniques have been like a step-by-step book for me, and having followed your steps I believe I have found the job of my life!

I want to say that Im over-the-moon with the 4 sessions package I have taken with you and only just finished the last one and the next day I had a job offer. Not only was I able to negotiate what I wanted to earn and get it, but other conditions that I was not happy with are going to be changed.

When I first reached out to you Maria, I was down, and depressed, you saw me then and you can see me now!
I recommend Maria Steffensen´s coaching 300%. Maria has so much experience that she can see straight into the problem or hinderance we have placed into our minds and as she calls, “what we say to ourselves”. After I realised this, I am aware and I can change what that voice tells me, and as a result I have achieved ” happiness, a new job, and a tranquile mind, even though I have lots of things going on at the same time.
I am also able to enjoy “the now” and be “nicer to myself, allowing myselft to relax, and do “nothing” which I used to think was NOTHING but its doing SOMETHING which is very important to all of us, once in a while.
I have achieved more in 1 month than in a year, but for me the most important thing is that I have learned the “tools” to do it over and over again. In between the 3rd and 4th session I felt lost and scared, so I called Maria, she spoke to me and helped me get over that fear. So any of you ladies and men, that need a professional to give you that push, yet be there if you happen to slip, Maria Steffensen is the person to contact.

Thank you Maria,


Maria Steffensen combines wisdom, professionalism, knowledge and compassion in her work. She is not a rigid extremist in her approach to healthy eating,but provides practical guidelines that have flexibility within appropriate boundaries for each client. She tailors her approach to each person’s particular needs. She shapes her recipes, shopping ideas, suggestions for balanced living even beyond food so that in the end her approach is a holistic pattern for a healthy lifestyle. I am deeply grateful for all the support she has given me.

Lois Evans
Mijas Golf

I was in a life crises, so many thing was challenging me and I could not see how to move forward in life. Both my mind and my body needed help. Maria was amazing in the process of helping me “back to life”. Maria´s approach was both professional, personal and authentic and at the same time she would push me when it was indeed needed. Thank you so much Maria. You will be my first choice whenever I would need coaching and therapy again. I highly recommend Maria.

(age 42)

A few months after my husband passed away I was experiencing all sorts of health problems- mainly joint and muscle related. On my first visit to Maria I understood that what she looks for is the “whole picture” of a person and doesn’t just treat the symptoms- she is also a very good listener. She explained the reasons why behind her treatments and was very clear and concise. It was a great comfort for me to talk to and be treated by someone so positive and confident in what she does. I have been following her advice for over six months now and have definitely seen an improvement. I will keep going and know that Maria will be there for me when I need her

(age 59)

Our son has undergone some very enriching sessions with Maria, due to him struggling with OCD in his early teenage years. Maria helped him train his brain and taught him how to take his focus away from the thoughts and believes that made him do manic things. Maria was very professional in her approach, but at the same time my son felt like sitting in front of a friend. He felt safe from the first session. Maria provided him and us as parents good tools in order to handle different challenges. Maria also taught my son how to talk himself down when feeling anxiety and now his OCD symptoms are down to a level where it no longer botheres him in his everyday life. Maria also helped him getting good supplements and eating healthy food. Therefor my son to day feels that he has a body in good shape and balance. Thank you Maria for your great empathy, your kindness and great interest in making people feel better.

(age 45)

My daughter Sille was 16 years old when we first came to your clinic. She was in pain during her every period and she had some bad pimples on her cheek and between her eyes. She also felt tired all the time and was very sad and frustrated about her body, because she weighed a little too much. At the beginning of our first session Sille was very quite and hardly did not say anything. It was amazing how fast you Maria made her feel safe, and suddenly she opened up and told you (and me) stuff that had been bothering her for a long time. You Maria were really good at talking to a girl her age and together you and Sille worked out a plan that could fit into her teenage life both at home and when she was out meeting her friends. After 3 months and 3 sessions with you Maria, Sille is now a happy girl who really seems to like her self. Her pimples are gone and the pain she felt when having her periods has been reduced very much. She has lost the tummy fat, she hated so much, without feeling that she was on a diet. Her way of eating has become a lifestyle, and the rest of the family eat the same way now and also feel so much better in different ways. Thank you Maria, for helping my daughter to a much more happy teenage life.

Susanne (age 44) and Sille (age 16)