Dance-Therapeutic Training

“Dance It Out” is about getting in touch with your body, freeing tension and destructive feelings and recharging yourself with joy and good energy.

“Dance It Out” is dance and free movement to rhythm and music. No dance experience is required, and there are no physical prerequisites for joining. I have danced with stout, thin, tall, short, people with arthritis, cancer, wheelchair-bound, young, old, men and women.

“Dance It Out” is not about performing, being a good dancer or being flexible. The sessions are a combination of dance / free movement to selected music, guided meditations, and motivational inputs.

“Dance It Out” is a therapeutic way to increase your body awareness, go from your over-active and noisy mind down into your body, release and free tension and negative feelings, recharge your batteries, exercise your body, and increase your joy and your good energy.

During “Dance It Out” sessions, you can encounter different emotions. They might be sorrow, anger, anxiety, loneliness, envy, but also strength, happiness, joy, gratitude, etc. In “Dance It Out” you will release what you need to release and take in more of what benefits you – without having to deal with it intellectually.

After a “Dance It Out” session you will feel lifted, relieved, more free, stronger and more whole. Physically the dance triggers endorphins in your body that give you a natural “high,” boost your metabolism and blood flow and reduce pain.

“Dance It Out” sessions are always held in a safe, caring and non-judgemental environment. You can dance with your eyes closed or open, with small movements or with big ones. Nothing is right or wrong.
I am so looking forward to dancing with you.
Contact me for info about time and place for the next “Dance It Out” group session. It is also possible to book a private one-on-one “Dance It Out” session.