“All children need a hand.”

I have extensive experience working with children and young adults and coaching them in the challenges they face. My experience is that children are quick at creating positive changes if they are met at the same level and if they feel heard, seen, and appreciated.

For example, if your teenager develops OCD or similar symptoms / obsessive actions, it is a survival mechanism that is covering up a feeling that may be difficult for them to deal with in another way. When your child refuses to eat vegetables or try new foods, it is not necessarily to create drama or because the food does not taste good. There is always something else behind destructive patterns, and I can help the child to identify that and make changes.

If your child is a young adult who is very introverted, quiet and perhaps insecure in new situations, it is not very helpful to say to them that they have to jump right into new challenges and be more open. A young person must be met in his or her strengths and from there be guided towards finding their inner power and self-esteem. Only then can they develop the courage to stand up for the person they are, while expanding their comfort zone.

Many children and young adults today go to the doctor with mental, behavioural and health-related challenges. They may have depressive thoughts, stress, insomnia, addiction to digital media, unhealthy lifestyle, weight issues, hormonal problems, fatigue or inactivity. These challenges, small or large, are a symptom of something that is not working in the child’s life. There is an imbalance. It can be physical as well as mental. Often it is a combination. I am trained and experienced in guiding and coaching both the mental and physical health.

If you have lost the motivation and drive to follow your healthy habits, book a Health Coaching package with me, and I will help get you back on track. I have a broad spectrum of clients with everything from cancer diagnoses, arthritis, stress, depression, low energy, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, weight issues, or merely the desire for an overall healthier lifestyle and increased quality of life.

Your child’s energy, mood, and physical health:

Many children, especially young adults, choose to eat one-sided and unhealthy and do not get enough vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc. So if the child is “up for it,” I will, as a coach and experienced nutritionist, identify what is lacking and suggest how they can get back into balance. For example, there is excellent research and lots of empirical evidence linking behavioural and cognitive challenges with a lack of Omega 3 fatty acids. We also know how important it is that a child’s blood-sugar level is stable and how that impacts concentration as well as physical and intellectual performance. Also, the right diet, bolstered with some natural supplements, will help the child to become more balanced hormonally, which is especially vital in puberty and pre-puberty.